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Complete lab analysis capabilities for residential, commercial & industrial applications

Dime Water Commercial Water Purification: Pure Water, Your Way

Dime Water designs and manufactures custom commercial water purification systems trusted by businesses, organizations and people around the world who need clean water—clean down to the very molecules. We purify municipal water supplies for cities and towns across the country and the world. Dime Water delivers pure water solutions for manufacturing giants, food producers, and agricultural applications. And we provide ultra-purified water for laboratories, international universities and even NASA.

Because our clients require the highest quality, most reliable commercial water filtration systems, we use only the highest quality, genuine USA-made materials in every application. Our commercial water purification systems are custom designed to fill residential, commercial, industrial and custom needs for pure water. Dime Water’s commercial water filtration systems include:

    • Water softening
    • Water filtration
    • Reverse osmosis
    • Salt-free water conditioners
    • De-ionization
    • De-alkalization
    • Nano-filtration
    • Sea water desalinization
    • Ultra-filtration
    • Custom water purification applications
    • Salt-free water conditioners

To give our customers the best commercial water filtration systems in the world, Dime Water meticulously controls every aspect of design, production and delivery in our 10,000 square-foot facility near San Diego. We have in-house metal cutting, electrical control panel design, welding, fabrication, laboratory, and strict equipment testing standards. Our highly-trained, technically-expert water purification engineers and craftsman have developed patented water purification processes and products beyond anything else available on the market.

Dime Water’s commercial water purification systems deliver clean water on literally every continent. We are big enough to be able to ship our water filtration products anywhere in the world, from Alaska to Africa—yet small enough to work closely with each customer to design the custom commercial water filtration systems they need to produce their best product and stay well ahead of the competition.

To learn more, talk with one of our water purification experts today at (760) 734-5787!

High Purity Lab Water Purification SolutionsLab Water

Dime Water Manufacturing specializes in designing lab water systems for any application. Finding the right solution for your specific need is critical for lab water purification. Dime Lab Water engineers systems for Atomic Absorption, Cell Culture, Glassware Washing, Histology, HPLC, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, Nuclease Free Applications, PCR, Protein Electrophoresis, Titrators and UHPLC. For lab scientists and engineers, we have a specialty website for lab water purification systems. Please visit us at: Dime Lab Water Purification

Successful Custom Water Purification Systems

  • Sea Water Desalination/Reverse Osmosis Kenya Department of the Navy Logistics
  • Bottled Water Store-Commercial Reverse Osmosis-London England
  • Large Hotel Chain-Commercial Water Softeners-Vista, CA
  • Mid West Municipal Water Supplier-Commercial Reverse Osmosis-Ohio
  • Chocolate Manufacturer- Two-Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems-New Jersey
  • Cosmetic Manufacturer-Commercial Reverse Osmosis-China
  • Iodine from Sea Water-Desalination, Reverse Osmosis-Japan
  • Juice Bottler-Industrial Reverse Osmosis-Northern California
  • Dialysis Centers-High Purity and Commercial Reverse Osmosis-Texas
  • Bottled Water Plant-Reverse Osmosis-Ghana, Africa, California, Wisconsin, Utah, Alaska, Japan
  • Dairy Farm-Industrial Reverse Osmosis- Arizona, Canada
  • Poultry Farm-Industrial Reverse Osmosis-South Carolina, Canada
  • Community Well-Water Filtration-Texas, California
  • R V Park-Water Filtration-Arizona-
  • Aluminum Anodizer-Commercial Reverse Osmosis, De-ionizer and pH-California, Mexico, Arizona
  • Flight Food Caterer-Water Filtration-New York
  • Oil Rig-Sea Water Reverse Osmosis-Texas, Nigeria, Africa
  • Exotic Plant Growing-Commercial Reverse Osmosis-Angola, Africa
  • Automobile Production-Industrial Reverse Osmosis-Michigan, Japan
  • Emergency Water Systems-Commercial Reverse Osmosis and U.V. Disinfection-Florida, California
  • Hydroponics-Commercial Reverse Osmosis-California
  • Beer Production-Carbon Filtration-Mexico
  • Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems-16 states in the U.S, Mexico
  • Apartment and Condo Projects-Scale Prevention-California, Texas, New York
  • Federal and State Parks-Commercial Reverse Osmosis-California, Wyoming, Utah
  • U.S. Military-Water Filtration and Industrial Reverse Osmosis-Iraq, Afghanistan, Alaska, Tennessee
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